Topics I’d like to write about but haven’t yet: a list in perpetual progress.

Learning Python with a Twitter bot…

I recently built a Twitter bot to help teach myself Python. His name is Edgar Rice Burroughbot (@erburroughbot). I love him.

The future of technical writing…

I’ve been tasked with creating a lot more video tutorials lately, which has led me to wonder where we’re heading. People joke about not reading the manuals, and every product you buy comes with little more than a cheat sheet of icon explanations. Obviously developers and IT implementation specialists will always require comprehensive, long form documentation, but what about the rest of us? Are we moving toward a future of exclusively (audio) visual instruction?

Houseplant care reference¬†evolution…

Have you ever read a houseplant care reference (or any reference work) from the turn of the 20th century? They are dry, dense, and dreary. Meanwhile, modern texts¬†have so many photos they end up skimping on the good stuff – how do I help this plant flourish? While admittedly a pretty niche audience, they’re still reflective of wider trends. What assumptions were turn of the century authors making about their audiences? What assumptions are we making about ours now? Do they actually help real world users?

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